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Where the Freedom to Believe trumps every belief!

10,000 Religions and no international consensus on "God!".....on the other hand, individual human rights and freedom are very much an accepted part of international relations and law!

The never ending battle of beliefs goes on. This web site is dedicated to  encouraging all beliefs to recognize that freedom is the most important single human right we share.  Our diverse society is woven by those who believe and accept gods on faith and those who do not.  The Freedom Of Belief is essential to maintaining a healthy society and all beliefs must respect and unite on that issue .   

Freedom of belief is America's backbone even if the reasons behind our indivdual beliefs are miles apart. But we should never let down our guard to prove that freedom of belief can only exist when religious dogma is not forced on others, or taken away, by any government.

Secular Conservatism for the rest of us!   Dedicated to liberal democracy, free markets and embracing the freedoms our forefathers handed us......and always remembering that powerful religions and big governments have always blocked true freedom of the individual!  the FreedomOfBelief.com

Freedom Rules!

Difference of opinion is advantageous in religion. The several sects perform the office of a Censor - over each other.
Thomas Jefferson


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